Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Martin Fennelly Antiques - Buying Silver at Premier and Fair Prices

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The Price of Precious Metals has risen dramatically 
in recent years. An unregulated industry of small
operators have appeared in many streets of our Country
buying Silver from The Public at prices far below the
actual scrap value of the item.
The Premier Antique Dealers in keeping with other concerned
organisations want to ensure that items of Silver and particularly Irish Silver
do not become scrap at the hands of unscrupulous buyers.
Martin Fennelly Antiques at 60 Francis Street will advise in a responsible manner
the best method to sell any items of Silver that you may be considering selling. or ring 01 4731126
Martin remarked "the Silver may have only scrap value potential but The Silver depending on makers mark and origin may have a much higher value at Auction .... for my buying price per ounce please check my website"
There are many long term and responsible Buyers of Precious Metals on our Streets.
Sell with Confidence to a Premier Dealer !
Just Remember the Latin - Caveat Venditor and Caveat Emptor