Friday, July 24, 2009

Email to the Dublin City Councillors

Dear Councillor

I have an Antique Store on Francis Street in Dublin 8 ( and I am also the Founder of The Premier Art & Antique Dealers of Ireland. In tandem with many businesses at the moment , The Francis Street Antique/Art Cultural Quarter is experiencing a slow down in economic activity. We are all aware of the financial problems facing the world today and it is incumbent on all to do what they can to improve the financial profitability of the City of Dublin and in my case that means Francis Street.

I would appreciate if, as a Council, the following could be considered.

Please remove the Sign at the Thomas Street end of Francis Street that reads "Iveagh Market" (which is closed) and Replace it with a Sign indicating, to the Thousands, that visit other major attractions in the area like The Guinness Hop store, Kilmainham Gaol, IMMA, St Patricks Cathedral, and Christchurch....... where "The Antique/Art Cultural Quarter" ... is ....on Francis Street. I am certain that any Tourist/local who decide to take the Cultural Stroll of the Art Galleries and Antique Shops on Francis Street will not be disappointed.

A similar sign at the Dean Street/Patrick Street corner would also be very beneficial.

I look forward to hearing from you and if you have any queries on this request .... Please contact me.

Many Thanks .... Martin

Martin Fennelly
Premier Art & Antique Dealers of Ireland
Martin Fennelly Antiques
60 Francis Street
Dublin 8
Phone 00353 1 4731126